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Welcome to BAY42

The newest, most exciting and innovative direct-to-customer fulfilment and distribution solution, we serve small to medium online retailers.

You are amazing at what you do.

But we understand that getting your books, your creation or your other products to your customers isn't easy.

We recognise that at your size, you can't take advantage of the economies of scale afforded to the big players.

Also, doing it all yourself is time consuming, and can be confusing and expensive.

We're amazing at what we do.

With more than 20 years' expertise in warehousing and distribution for many of the big players, we are able to meet your storage, picking, packing and shipping needs, at the same kind of cost that the big boys pay.

Everything is charged on a per-item basis so whether you need to send one item a year-or 1 million-we can help you.

We only charge you for the space and the manpower you use, so keeping close control of your costs is easy. This means you keep more of your hard-earned profits!!

To get a quote, contact us at or call 01452 768983

We can't wait to get you on board.

Our Vision

We aim to be the number one responsible supplier of 3rd-party warehousing and fulfillment, serving small and medium online retailers.

We are BAY42
 Exceptional Quality